The city is cutting down trees. What can I do?

First discover the reason the trees are scheduled for removal. For trees in the city of Los Angeles, the L.A. Urban Forestry Division posts information regarding removals at At this site you can track the time and location of public hearings for residents to voice their opinions about tree removal.

At TreePeople, we feel strongly about planting the right tree in the right place. However, sometimes the wrong tree species has been planted in the wrong location. These “inappropriate” trees can be very expensive and difficult for cities to maintain. It is important to understand that sometimes removal of a tree is necessary.

Maintenance of a street tree can also be an issue. It can be possible to save a tree by agreeing to take care of it yourself. For example, if a tree has a treatable disease or needs pruning you could pay for a professional to perform the necessary care.

Contact the City

In the city of Los Angeles please call the Urban Forestry Division at (213) 473-3231 for information about street tree removal. Other cities have a comparable agency associated with their department of public works. Your local city council representative or their associated field deputies are also useful people to contact when researching street tree removal. It is their job to assist you in communicating with the city.