Center for Community Forestry

TreePeople's Center for Community Forestry is a launching point for bringing the forest and its healthy benefits to the urban neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Perched atop our site in Coldwater Canyon Park, this public education facility and meeting place engages people of all ages in the important work of solving our region's environmental challenges.

This is a special place where:

  • Children get inspired to become environmental stewards as they play in an interactive urban watershed garden.
  • TreePeople staff and volunteers nurture baby trees to be planted in and around L.A.
  • Ordinary Angelenos train to be Citizen Foresters who lead greening projects in their communities.
  • Policymakers and environmental activists gather to brainstorm sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems.
  • Sustainable design features demonstrate how trees, people and forest-mimicking technologies can protect our natural resources.

All these activities support a long-range vision of TreePeople: to improve the health and viability of Los Angeles by establishing a Functioning Community Forest in every neighborhood of the city.

Center highlights















Experience it in person

You can explore our Center for Community Forestry on your own or join us for free staff-led tours. Or you can visit with a school group as part of our educational Eco-tours. One of the best ways to enjoy our park is as a volunteer!

Watch the grand opening for TreePeople Center for Community Forestry

Free Drought Tour & Native Plant Walk

TreePeople’s Drought Solutions Tour and Native Plant Walk is held every Saturday from 10:00am-11:15am. This free, guided tour features water conservation techniques, examples of native plant landscaping, an introduction to the many benefits of trees, and provides information on TreePeople’s history and programs.

For a current schedule, email, visit, or call (310) 228-8447.

Who designed our Center for Community Forestry?

Some of our region's leading designers and architects lent their creative talents to this ambitious project – among them: 

  • Marmol Radziner & Associates (Conference Center)
  • Carlos Madrid III of AECOM (Environmental Learning Center and nursery)
  • Mia Lehrer (Urban Watershed Garden and renovated Parking Grove)
  • The Hettema Group (overall interpretive plan)