Care for Trees

Trees benefit our cities and towns the most when they’re healthy and mature. Unfortunately, in Southern California, high temperatures, low humidity and parched soils can threaten young, newly planted trees. The average life expectancy of an urban tree is only seven years! That’s why tree care is vital to the work we do.

Join TreePeople in maintaining the trees we’ve planted so we can protect the trees from environmental stress and increase their chances of surviving and thriving. Volunteers learn by doing at our tree care events. Tasks include watering, weeding, applying mulch and pruning.

When do tree care events take place?

While tree care is important year round, many of our tree care events happen in the summer. That’s when young trees need extra care.

Visit our calendar to sign up for upcoming tree care events. No experience is necessary and all ages are welcome unless otherwise noted. Friends and family are welcome to come too, we just ask that every person, adult or child, please preregister online through our website. We provide the tools and training so all you have to do is show up!

Become a volunteer leader

Take tree care to the next level. Become a Citizen Arborist. Learn more about this free certification program here.