TreePeople’s Drought Defense - Now matched by Betty White!

Protecting our trees - our front line of drought defense.

Photo courtesy of TVLand

I'm happy to support TreePeople, especially during this difficult time for Los Angeles and California. We must work together to protect our precious trees.

I promise you I will match your gift $1 for $1 up to $100,000. It's that important to me. It should be important to you too!

Help us defend our city and our trees against the drought. Please join me!




It’s exciting news that Betty White has joined TreePeople and our drought defense fund.

As Betty White told me when we met about this, "Andy, I believe in you. Always have. I want to help with my donation but you are definitely going to need more. Please use my gift to challenge others."

Over the next several weeks and months, until we get some relief from the drought, we will be acting on many fronts. Click here for a rundown of our drought defense strategy as it comes together.

All the things we need to do, unfortunately, were not part of our annual budget. How could we know a year ago that we would have multiple states of emergency?

I encourage you to pick a category of giving below, have your gift matched by Betty White and stand strong with us as we defend our way of life.

It's our city, our state and our drought. We need to work together.



Join TreePeople’s Drought Defense! Give now.

Emergency Tree Care - $25

Provides intensive care and water to 3 trees in Los Angeles' parks, neighborhoods, and schools

Alert Others - $50

Support TreePeople's ongoing Drought Defense education and outreach. We're working at both grassroots and goverment agency levels to make sure Angelenos have the tools to survive and thrive during the drought.

Be Like Betty! - $100

No matter your donation amount, our dear friend Betty White will match your Drought Defense gift $1 for $1 up to $100,000.

Plant 5 Shade Trees - $250

Shade trees help cool our city and conserve energy. In the short and long-term drought, we will need shade trees more than ever to combat increased temperatures in our urban environment.

Prevent Forest Fires - $500

As the drought sets in, fire prevention is key. Support our volunteers in the local mountains as they pull out dry brush and invasive species, while deep watering young trees and native plants.

Sponsor One Tree Care Event - $1,000

Thirty volunteers will participate in intensive care and emergency watering of trees in our parks, neighborhoods, and schools.