Bethany Porter

Volunteer Spotlight on TreePeople office volunteer,
Bethany Porter.
TP: How did you learn about TreePeople and volunteering here?
BP: I was supposed to come to a park work day but my car battery died. Then you emailed me a week later you said you needed office volunteers, so I came in.
TP: Why don't you tell folks a bit about what it's like to volunteer in the TreePeople office?
BP: Well, it's not an office, it's a yurt! But it's exciting to be here. I did a tree measuring project last week. I was calculating the impact of trees here at the park. I have done a lot of entering of information into the database. I did the park visitor count, calculating how many people visit the park every day. And I've posted events on 
TP: What do you do outside of volunteering here?
BP: Work primarily. I work at the UCLA Medical Center blood bank. I love to come volunteer here every week to get outside and experience nature!