The Basurto Family

TreePeople's Volunteer Family of the Year

On October 2nd, at TreePeople's annual Harvest Moon Gala, the Basurto family was honored for their volunteer commitment to our organization. The Basurtos show how one family can make a huge impact across our city.
TreePeople staff has grown accustomed to seeing Ruben, Cristina, Sammy (Age 14), Crystal (Age 12), and Andrew (Age 8) early on weekend mornings, working to prepare breakfast for attendees of our bi-monthly Community Greening Workshops. Besides supporting TreePeople's workshops, the Basurtos have also volunteered at almost every event of our Summer entertainment series, Once Upon a Canyon Night, supported our Mountain Restoration trainings and events, as well as help with numerous plantings and tree care events throughout Los Angeles. No one is ever surprised to see Crystal or Sammy at Coldwater Canyon Park working in TreePeople's offices or maintaining the trails during their school breaks. Recently, Ruben has attended TreePeople's Outreach Training to diversify himself as a volunteer and will soon be representing TreePeople at events throughout the city.
Individually, the Basurtos have more diverse and extensive volunteer records than most of the over 10,000 volunteers we work with every single year. As a family, they are unmatched in the hundreds of hours of services they have provided to TreePeople, and serve as an inspiration on how one family can make an impact on their community. We thank the Basurtos for their service and the model they provide to others in our community.