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Upscaling Goodness: Tree Huggers, Earth Accupuncture, and Community Forests

Length: 30:00
Released: 2011

Los Angeles as a lighthouse of environmental restoration? You bet. After 40 years of increasingly connected neighborhood actions restoring the landscape of the City of Angels, Andy Lipkis and TreePeople, the legendary group he founded, are ready to scale up. Andy tells how TreePeople and friends are motivating millions of Angelenos to grow environmental and community interconnectedness across the entire L.A. watershed.

Majora Carter's The Promised Land, Earth Day Special with Andy Lipkis

Length: 16:00
Released: April 2009

Host Majora Carter interview's TreePeople's Andy Lipkis about how he got started, where he's going next, and how he convinced the L.A. school board to tear up 20 million square feet of asphalt — enough to pave 347 football fields.

Environmental Group Promotes Method to Store Rainfall

Length: 16:00
Released: February, 23, 2009

KPCC's Molly Peterson visit's TreePeople's Yurt Village atop Mulholland to talk to Andy Lipkis and Jim Hardie about the group's demonstration cistern. 

Join in the Fun at TreePeople and Make an Impact in L.A.

Length: 16:00
Released: July 2008

The Southern California Experience on ESPN 710-AM talks with Jim Hardie about TreePeople’s sustainable work in Los Angeles and the start of Once Upon a Canyon Night, a new season of live entertainment and classes at Coldwater Canyon Park.

Water Conservation in Los Angeles

Length: 3:56
Released: July 2007

Carrie Kahn of National Public Radio's Morning Edition discuss water conservation in Los Angeles with Andy Lipkis.

"Los Arboles?" - Greening Los Angeles Through Tree Planting

Length: 7:00
Released: July 2006

Ingrid Lobet of Public Radio International’s Living on Earth shares the announcement of Los Angeles to plant one million trees in the city. Hear a recap of the historic roots of TreePeople and the green future of tree planting in L.A. 

"Connecting the Drops" - Designing Sustainable Cities

Length: 30:00
Released: 2006

Bioneers Radio’s Revolution from the Heart of Nature program asks Andy Lipkis if Los Angeles can stop draining water from the Colorado River and become self-sufficient? TreePeople is tackling this in an unprecedented alliance with public works agencies. Hear how the more we learn about how ecosystems operate, the more sustainable we can design our cities.