World Water Day: Wakeup call to action for our homes, neighborhoods and cities

This new short video shows how you can plan to adapt your home and neighborhood for droughts, floods, severe weather and climate change.

The Miracle on Elmer Ave.

Aside from the urgent need to bring water and sanitation to over 1 billion people in undeveloped regions around the world, even city-dwellers in developed nations are now facing critical water threats. Residents of many cities, who until recently could be quite complacent about not needing to think about water issues, are increasingly faced with long term water shortages, stormwater pollution, urban flooding, and increasing costs. The video above shows how people in one neighborhood chose to work in partnership with non-profits and government agencies to adapt their homes and street to protect themselves from a changing climate. Imagine how much water, energy and money could be saved, and new jobs created, if the principles of this approach were applied to appropriate cities throughout the developed world.

Wake up your world! Spread the word!