Using what energizes us

The aim of my recent talk at the Bioneers Conference was to catalyze a rapid response to climate change, to move people - even us caring, committed people - from the inertia where we often find ourselves, to taking action.

But what gets in the way of activating ourselves? So much of the time it comes down to beliefs that we don't make a difference, to myths that change has to come from the top, to impulses that we ignore.

In fact, when we don't take action, we actually harm ourselves.

All of this was captured with verve and sympathy by a Daily Kos ecojustice diarist named Boatsie, who wrote up my presentation with tremendous energy and skill.

She wrote:

Woven throughout his passionate and complex talk on biomimicry and functioning community forests, on tree acupuncture and a vision of sustainability as "a practical way to solve more than one problem at once," [were] references to evolutionary psychology and transformational consciousness as an enlightened response to "adrenaline drift."


When energy is not used, Lipkis says, it becomes pollution. And when we are ill at ease, it is because we are not using what energizes us: our adrenaline.

"Everybody has a scanner on board and it's the heart. It's asking 'Where can I help?' and it gives us the adrenaline so when we see what needs to be done, we can respond. We are hard wired for this, but we have lost the language for it. This is nature's gift to us!"

I don't believe I met Boatsie, I'm sorry to say, but I was inspired by the opportunity to present at the conference and thrilled by the response that came back to me from the participants. I hope I've helped clear some channels for people to truly listen to our hearts and act on what we hear.


Speaking of taking action, Election Day is less than a week away. Voting smart - studying candidates and seeking understanding of initiatives - is a key action that we can all make. Change takes time, and not voting, or carelessly voting, does not move us in the right direction. The health of our community ecosystem requires your attention, guidance and feedback-- elections are one of the ways your engagement has been hard wired into the system. Elections aren't the only way to provide input, but they have some of the most significant and lasting consequences--especially when caring, informed people don't vote. Your participation is absolutely essential.

Tune into your inner scanner and respond.