Our future, as seen from the Today Show

Last week TreePeople received national attention. NBC's Today Show featured a segment on our work, including on one of our proudest accomplishments, the 1990 community planting of hundreds of trees by thousands of people along LA's Martin Luther King Boulevard, the results of which are now visible from space. TreePeople was chosen as one of Pepsi's Refresh campaign awardees, and on Friday I appeared live on the show to receive a gift of $50,000 for our work.

TreePeople on a mission to save the planet

Length: 2:14 minutes      Released: May 25, 2010 

Why this recognition by two corporate giants? I think businesses are becoming increasingly aware that more of us - not just stockholders - are holding them accountable. Everyone is a shareholder in the world today, and where we choose to spend our dollars makes a difference. We can choose a company that gives back, and we should.

And it's not just CEOs and executives who are becoming a force for change, it's also their employees. TreePeople's largest corporate backers, the Walt Disney Company and Boeing, are sponsors because many of the people who work for them have been involved with us for more than thirty years. They've volunteered and have contributed their own financial resources. These companies have followed their employees' lead.

By making thoughtful consumer choices, we can create a market for new policy choices. This is true for products, such as organic foods, which one of the fastest-growing segments in agriculture today. It's also true for one of my passions - choosing to take public transportation. And, it's true with climate change - people can make a difference, and sooner and more effectively than governments.

More on how we can lead the way to a better future soon, as I head to Europe to present at two conferences: Bioneers Global in Amsterdam, and Rework the World in Tallberg, Sweden. At each I am honored to share TreePeople's innovations and results in L.A. with leaders from around the world.