No trees, no future, no life

Andy at Hong Kong UniversityI just returned from five days in Hong Kong where I delivered nine presentations, workshops and high level meetings assisting the people of Hong Kong in addressing critical resource conservation issues.  Meetings included a private session with the Minister for Environment for Hong Kong. 

My key message:  Achieving high levels of water and energy conservation and waste reduction happens when people engage with their natural environment.  In connecting with Nature people easily transition to a state of active caring that comes not simply from being informed, but from opening their hearts.  TreePeople does this by bringing people together to bring nature into cement-clad urban settings. In the process, people find true meaning as caretakers. Just as trees are our urban caretakers, so are we theirs. No trees, no future, no life – in LA or Hong Kong. It’s universal.

(Pictured above: After a workshop at the Chinese University, I posed with George Jor, Holder of the Chinese University Hong Kong's Tree Project  and Founder of the Grateful Green Group. I'm also very grateful to Hong Kong Baptist University for sponsoring my travel and hosting a public presentation and workshop on engaging the public in waste reduction.)