Is Your Home Wasting Rainwater? Learn to Harvest What Falls from the Sky at TreePeople’s Green City Fair on May 5th

I’m running too quickly to blog right now, so I’ve invited my colleague Caryn Bosson to do a guest post about an upcoming event we’re all pretty excited about…I’ll be on stage throughout the day with friends and special guests bringing some perspective and inspiration about transforming L.A. one house and neighborhood at a time.

For a city that lives on the brink of drought, L.A. squanders a lot of water. Every inch of rain that falls onto our rooftops, streets and parking lots generates 3.8 billion gallons of run off that is mostly channeled into the ocean.

At TreePeople’s 2nd annual Green City Fair on Saturday, May 5, Angelenos can choose from sixteen free workshops on practical techniques for creating more water-absorbent, water-secure, sustainable and beautiful landscapes. At our Center for Community Forestry headquarters, the Green City Fair also features green vendors, food, entertainment, guided hikes and family activities, and demonstrations of how we can get to the sustainable L.A. of the future.

Successfully retrofitted landscapes lose not a drop of water during a typical rainstorm, slowing and sinking it into the soil to replenish the water table. If every home and neighborhood in LA was reshaped for rainwater harvesting and planted with climate appropriate and native trees and plants, we could wean ourselves off at least half the water the city currently imports from distant sources (which is nearly 90% of its water supply).

Doing so will yield many environmental benefits. Moving water hundreds of miles to LA is currently the single largest use of electricity in the state, and supplies are forecast to diminish as sources such as the San Francisco Bay Delta and the Colorado River face their own environmental stresses. Stormwater pollution fouls our ocean and beaches, and government budgets are strained from spiraling costs.

Among the hands-on, solutions-oriented workshops to be offered include Rain Gardens for LA, Earthworks, Native Plant Landscaping, Fruit Tree Grafting, Waterworks and Cisterns, Parkway Conversion, Tree Care at Home and in the Community, and more. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Over fifty exhibitors will also be on hand with products and resources for greener living.

TreePeople unites the power of people, trees and nature-based solutions to grow a more sustainable city. The Green City Fair offers many of these solutions for sampling in one place--in a fun and festive atmosphere. For parking, workshop pre-registration, and further information visit TreePeople.