Green jobs are red, white and blue

Chart of $ relation to jobs for green industriesThis past March President Obama signed a jobs bill, noting "there's a lot more we need to do."

It's so true. The unemployment rate in Los Angeles is over twelve percent, and this week experts warned of a lost generation of unemployed young people. In that light, this chart, based on a study conducted at the University of Massachusets at Amherst, shows clearly and forcefully how we should invest those job-creating resources.

Investment in green infrastructure means the most job growth will be stimulated per dollar spent. Job creation resulting from "renewable industries" outpaces non-renewable industries in several significant areas, the winner being reforestation and land restoration (where TreePeople offers plenty of volunteer opportunities, if not jobs.).

As we respond to the pain and urgency of the current job situation, let's focus on where we can have the biggest impact in creating sustainable jobs that rebuild the strength and resiliency of our country, and our ecosystem.