The future of urban water conservation arrives in Santa Monica

Santa Monica was one of our first partners in the TREES project, and it's continuing to lead the way into the future, I'm delighted to say. Here's a sign for a cistern and rain barrel sale coming up this weekend: 

I'm also happy to report that the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, which works with a host of government agencies and stakeholders in our region, won a $1.9 million grant of Federal stimulus funds to install "low-impact development" raingardens in the Ballona Creek area, according to the website (documents available here, via the Governor's press office).

We can do far more. Every quarter-acre of paved landscape that is converted back to soil has the potential to collect 100,000 gallons of rain water a year, according to the City of Los Angeles.

We at TreePeople have been working towards rainwater retention for years. It's good to see this simple, proven idea encouarged by the powers that be. A tip of the hat to Santa Monica, for embracing a sustainable future.