Catalyzing a rapid response to climate change

Painting of dawn over Los Angeles

I'll be heading to the Bioneers conference this week where I'll be presenting a simple idea. It's an idea you don't hear much among people who worry about the planet and our future.

Environmentalists often say that we are the one species the earth could very well do without. That's so well-accepted among the people of my tribe that it seems to go without saying.

But what if it's not true?

What if we have been designed, crafted, fed, modified, and adapted by the ecosystem (aka Mother Earth), so that both the human species, and all other life, can carry on? What if we are intended to discover and actually engage capacities that we deep down we know we have, but rarely utilize?

What if we've been given that special role all along?

Imagine how important and how joyful the taking up of that responsibility could be, as well as daunting.

That's what I'm going to be talking about at Bioneers. I will show images and tell stories that show we are capable of caring, responding, and working together in partnership for our mutual future. We can step out of the roles we've taken, on the political left and the right. We can come together and work from the heart.

I've seen it working first hand, in disaster relief; I've seen it on King Boulevard, and I've seen it most recently on Elmer Avenue. It is possible for humans to find new ways to work with each other, with other groups, with government agencies, with our neighbors, and even with our infrastructure. Brilliant new solutions to old problems have been proven, and are absolutely within our reach.

This is a time when we need a new injection of hope and information and community, so we can see that we can succeed.

I use the word "hope" carefully, because it's been so damaged by false promises. No individual can solve the problem of unsustainability; it's too big.

Yes, the threat is great, but if you care at all, and feel a pull to act, Bioneers is the place to be, and now is the time.

The conference is really a huge festival filled with great thinking, strategies, science, and proven solutions, and amazing people just like you, who have a chance to mainline hope and caring and action. As a small part of this enormous event, I will be telling my stories in a plenary session on Saturday, October 15, and then leading a nearly two-hour workshop to help people find their place in this movement.

If you find yourself asking -- Where am I needed? How can I help? -- then this is an event you should attend.

[*image of dawn over Los Angeles from long-term resident and artist Shera]